Veröffentlicht: 27. August 2010 in Hostserver.

Die Hostserver GmbH stellt mit Florian Obser einen Speaker des ersten „DE-CIX Customer Summit Meeting“ am 31.8.2010 in Frankfurt am Main.
Geplant ist der Vortrag für 11:45 Uhr.

Auszug aus der Agenda:

Florian Obser (Hostserver GmbH):
From allocation to doubling IPv6 traffic at de-cix in 58 days

The presentation covers everything from the time line
of “IPv6 Allocation Request Form” failures, network
announcements, registration, the operation
of name servers with exclusive AAAA-glue-records in the
.org zone, installing and operating servers (ssh, apache,
bind, unbound, nsd, powerdns, ejabberd…) without
IPv4-connectivity, to operating
(http://[2a00:15a8:6::26c3]/). Since experiences these
days can be divided into two categories “it just works”
and “wtf?!?” , the focus will be ranting about things that
have not been working.

Datum: 31.8.2010
: Frankfurt am Main

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